Welcome to Vegas

I traveled to Vegas not for a Hunter S. Thompson- inspired weekend of debauchery, but for my first half marathon. I’m happy to report that my mission to run a half marathon was an absolute success.

Now, to catch you up, I’ve never been a runner. In fact, I’ve been known to scoff at people who choose to spend their time doing something as seemingly boring and unnecessarily stressful as running. Last year, my friends challenged me to train for a half marathon. With utmost hesitation I gave a meek ‘yes’ and attempted to “train” (read: run a couple miles and, winded, return home and brew some coffee). Needless to say, I felt saved when the race sold out before I “got a chance” to sign up.

This time around, when my friends recruited me to train for a half in Vegas, I thought, well, Vegas…hmm…at least if I don’t run I can drink from the sidelines. Why the hell not? So I said yes.

And oh, how the times change. Consider me a running convert. I see people running outside of my office window and I actually get jealous (yes, you heard right). No longer do I scoff, I actually yearn for that feeling of my feet pounding pavement, wind against my face, iPod in my ears.

I’m happy to report that my training paid off. 13.1 miles never felt so easy (maybe it was the low altitude…). For those who haven’t caught the running bug yet, I invite you to start. In fact, I’m considering training for the Barcelona or Paris marathon (as in FULL marathon…eek!) in 2013. Just in time to celebrate my 30th in style. Healthy style that is.

Fellow runners: run on! Inspired soon-to-be runners: today’s a great day to get started! Apathetic non-athletes: grab a drink, get on the sidelines, and at least cheer us on!